Visual Basic Interview Questions
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How many max. number of controls can place in one form (especially visual basic form)?


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How many MDI(multiple document interface) forms can include in one project(especially in visual basic)?

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What is the maximum no. of forms can include in one project (vb project)?


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what is the difference between procedures,attributes and functions?

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What is the difference between Exec and ExecSQL? (wouldnt this be dependent on data access? Ie ADO use different method than DAO)

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What is the difference between a property a method and an event? Give an example of each.


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What is a variant data type and when would you use it?

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Why is it not good to use a variant data type?

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What is the difference between a Dynaset and Snapshot and how would you create one?

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How would you define and use a Boolean in VB?

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What is the difference between Dim nCount as Integer vs Dim nCount% and when would you use each?

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What is the difference between and when debugging?

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What is the statement to extract 4 characters from the middle of a string?

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What is the error message that you would get if you try to assign "Null" to an integer variable?

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What is the difference between Single and Double in VB?

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Scope of API's can be of types, what are they?


What are the important components of OLEDB?


Difference between Tabletype and Snapshot?


Through which protocol OLEDB components are interfaced?


Explain the "cursortype" and "Locktype" in VB?


How can I access a record by record number?


what is the control used to call a windows application.


Draw Sequence Modal of RDO and Explain?


Is it possible to change menu runtime using API? If yes Specify the function names?


With in the form we want to check all the text box control are typed or not? How?


What is the use of progress Bar Control?


Does VB support pointers to functions?


Difference between ActiveX Exe and Dll.


what are the Types of LockEdits in RDO?


what are the Types of cursors in RDO?