ADO.NET Interview Questions
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Advantage of ADO.Net?

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How would u connect to database using .NET?

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What are relation objects in dataset and how & where to use them?

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Difference between OLEDB Provider and SqlClient ?

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What are the different namespaces used in the project to connect the database?

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Difference between DataReader and DataAdapter / DataSet and DataAdapter?


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Which method do you invoke on the DataAdapter control to load your generated dataset with data?

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Explain different methods and Properties of DataReader which you have used in your project?

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What happens when we issue Dataset.ReadXml command?

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How to find the count of records in a dataset?

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How to check if a datareader is closed or opened?

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What are the differences between RAW, AUTO and Explicit modes in retrieving data from SQL Server in XML format?


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What happens when u try to update data in a dataset in .NET while the record is already deleted in SQL SERVER as backend?

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Differences between dataset.clone and dataset.copy?

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What is the use of parameter object?

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What is the difference between the clone() and copy() methods of the dataset class?


How to generate a single aggregate?


What are three methods for displaying data in a syncfusion datagrid


Define bubbled event?


If a table contains 20000 records . In a page at each time 100 records to be displayed what are the steps you will take to improve performance? Will you use dataset or datareader?


Explain features?


What is the executescalar method?


What is sqldatareader?


Describe datareader object of with example.


What is the provider being used to access oracle database?


What is the use of data grid?


What is sql connection in


What is the difference between Datareader and Dataset?


Which is better ole db or odbc?


What is full form?