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what is mean by extactable and leachable study?

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how to develop the icp ms method? Application of icp ms?

0 Answers  

how to start the method development of Dissolution and related substances.

1 Answers   Apex,

WHY pKa value is more important than pH value of the mobile phase in HPLC?

0 Answers  

In acid base titration, after complet consumption of HCl by NaOH, addition of next drop of NaOH will give pink colour with phenolpthalein indicator. Why this pink colour appear? Why not blue, black, green or anything elese?

3 Answers  

What is Endcapped Hplc column

2 Answers  

In HPLC (Waters) software Empower1,2 &3 what is the updation for each version

0 Answers   APL,

Many times I don't got a caffeine peak in calibration of hplc using guard column ❓

0 Answers  

void volume is depending on column or not? if yes how will you depend?

1 Answers   Granules,

how to set sample and standard concentration in RS method?

0 Answers  

Why perform dissolution multimedia study in dissolution Development

4 Answers   Cipla, Optimus,

about analytical chemistry

0 Answers   Apotex,

why we use holmiumperchlorate in calibrating uv

4 Answers   Aurobindo, DRL, MSN Pharma,

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