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if your impurity coeluting with each other in that situation how require to set specification? is it acceptable?

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Why 1.2% KCl is used for limit of stray light? and why limit of stray light is required in UV calibration?

5 Answers   Lupin, Ranbaxy,

what is Hilic chromatography?

0 Answers  

for which product require to do content uniformity? what is limit of cu?

0 Answers  

wen v have polr solvent then which type of column use in hplc

2 Answers  

Why sodium lamp is used in polarimeter?

1 Answers   Aurobindo, Micro Labs, Mylan,

What r the limitatoins of uv visible spectroscopy ? Why Water use in blank standard for uv visible spectroscopy ?

4 Answers   Cipla, Reddy Labs,

how v can identify functional groups by wet techniques?

2 Answers  

I want analyze my compound at 325 nm so which standard shall i use to calibrate my HPLC system? How i can assure my hplc detector is suitable or not?

3 Answers   AMRI,

From where 16 or 5.545 is derived in theoretical plates calculation formula by USP or JP/BP/DAB and what is meaning of this coefficient and impact in calculation ?

2 Answers   Nectar Lifesciences,

Why dissolution apparatus having 8 jars ?

5 Answers  

What is descriminatory disolution medium ?

3 Answers   Cipla, Graviti Pharmaceuticals,

Why potassium dichromate was using in Uv calibration?

1 Answers  

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