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Why pH lies between 0 to 14 only

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Why pH lies between 0 to 14 only..

Answer / bhavin prajapati

pH is the concentration hydrogen ion in solution. pH range is 0 to 14, it's only for water (aqueous media), because when water dissolution concent is 1*10^-14, so OH- is 1 moler in solution that time H+ is 1*10^-14 and pH= 0, and H+ is 1 molar in solution that time OH- is 1*10^+14 and pH= 14, so water is universal solvent and for that pH range is 0 to 14 accepted by IUPAC world wide.

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Why pH lies between 0 to 14 only..

Answer / chennakrishnareddy

If we calculate the antilog of H+ or OH- ion concentration for any organic or inorganic compound is in between 1 to 14 ph is in between 1 to 14 only

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Why pH lies between 0 to 14 only..

Answer / suman kamane

concentrations of H+ in water in most solutions fall between a range of 1 M (pH=0) and 10-14 M (pH=14). Hence a range of 0 to 14

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Why pH lies between 0 to 14 only..

Answer / ganesanc

Dissolution constant priciple of water,
7-(-7) = 7+7 = 14

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