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Draw a SLD for main panel for school having connected load of 1200kw and emergency generator 200kw.also show the increase of additional load of chiller 225kw in the lv panel indicating meter postion size of transformer ,cables and capacitor bank.

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why do we have another cartridge filled with oil fitted at the bottom silica gel cartridge in power transforers

1 Answers  

why weight is put on pulley?

1 Answers  

How you take care of a motor from over loading and what are the different overloading ratings of different motors?

4 Answers  

There is 15 KVA UPS using for single phase load.And 30 batteries of 12 V, 100 Ah are connected in series. Load is taking 15 A current.What will be the back up power for this UPS on same load?

1 Answers   BS, Dynamic Software,

What is the difference between earth and neutral

4 Answers   ABB, Tamboli Engineers,

how a.c. genarator control power factor when its conected to grid supply by incrising or decresing excitation voltage.

1 Answers  

UPS battery Back time = no.of Batteries * Ah of the Battery / output KVA * 130 ? what is the 130 means ? can any one help? because all are using this formula how its came 130?

2 Answers  

How to calculate voltage drop loss in HT 11000 Volts XLPE Aluminium conductor cable. Any specific formula or Thumb rule

2 Answers  

we have total 1000hp motors we paid 7 laks rupees how to reduce power bill

4 Answers  

why do we have 230v a.c. as general voltage for domestic supply rather than others?

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How to calculate approximate load loss of a distribution transformer by knowing %ge imp of transformer?

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Can we use droop CT in neutral in place of W phase of alternator ?

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