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what is the input of ph sensor and meter during the
calibration time and what is the output?

what is the input of ph sensor and meter during the calibration time and what is the output?..

Answer / amy

7 pH is a input and 0 mV output during calibration of pH meter.

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May I have a brief note above the voltage barriers? Whats is the purpose? Please mail me if you've operational details, mail id:

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1,why we use 4-20 ma output of all instrument qhy not use 0- 20, 2,what is the different between PLC & DCS. 3,how can we meaure maximum span of new flowmeter if not given any information.

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I installed the smartplant instrument v8, but can not be opened, that always said: "INTools 2007 hardlock no found". So Could you help me how to do for that?

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, Instrument Index, P&ID review, I/O schedule, datasheet, DCS / Analyzers specifications, loop diagrams, hook-up drawings.

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please give me the syllabus and sample questions if possible for Instrumentation for Vizag Steel plant MT (Trainee) 2009 exam

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