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How does frequency affect KVA rating of a transformer?
If a 500 kva, 500 to 250 v, 60 hz t/f used in Canada is to be operated on 50 hz in Europe
frequency then how will its KVA rating change?
c-remains same

How does frequency affect KVA rating of a transformer? If a 500 kva, 500 to 250 v, 60 hz t/f used i..

Answer / jinboll

The transformer EMF equation shows that the EMF induced in the secondary or the primary side of a transformer is directly proportional to the product of the flux (Φm) through the transformer core and the frequency. This leads to the flux is proportional to E/f.
For example, the kVA rating of the 500v to 250v 60 Hz transformer will be smaller when used in Europe with a frequency of 50Hz.
500/60 = E/50 E is smaller than 500v on primary side.
250/60 = E/50, E is smaller than 250v on secondary side

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