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can we use 3 phase UPS for Motors and Other Machines

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can we use 3 phase UPS for Motors and Other Machines..

Answer / engineered

Yes we can,
we have to ensure following things
1. In order to cope up with starting current of motor, we
have to select higher rating batteries, we can calculate
Idc required at starting of motor.
We have to refer battery current charts.

I have successfully run 3 nos. 7.5kw motor on 200kVA UPS

but when i tried to run single 7.5kW notor on 20 kVA ups it
failes to start.

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can we use 3 phase UPS for Motors and Other Machines..

Answer / nilkanth tailor

yes....we can use...but for that we need high power IGBT
which can take load 3 phase motor....
i think that for 3phase UPS,we have to make 1phase to 3
phase converter...and suppose thier is no any electricity
thier then high current capacity battery will be needed coz
thier is 3phase so more power u need, this battery suppy is
given to 1 phse and it convert in to 3 phase by
converter...for that we use IGBT....and this 3 phase given
to the 3 phase motor...

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can we use 3 phase UPS for Motors and Other Machines..

Answer / sms

Why not? Definitely, only U needs to decide proper rating
of UPS which will take care of Motor load which u want to
run on it.

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can we use 3 phase UPS for Motors and Other Machines..

Answer / vaseekaran

We can use the UPS for the motors.but we have to select the correct rating of the load.while selecting we have to keep the time we required to load to run through ups.

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