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I need vlsi interview question papers

I need vlsi interview question papers..

Answer / sukumar

vlsi interview question papers

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Need help with technical writer interview asap.

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Explain the concept of segmentaion.

0 Answers  

A character set has 1 and 2 byte characters. One byte characters have 0 as the first bit. You just keep accumulating the characters in a buffer. Suppose at some point the user types a backspace, how can you remove the character efficiently. (Note: You cant store the last character typed because the user can type in arbitrarily many backspaces)

2 Answers   Microsoft,

how to avoid a class from getting inherited but respective class should be able to instantiate ?

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0 Answers  

What are the file systems used in Linux?

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What do you mean by Templates?

1 Answers  

How to get the code from internet while i am doing project

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difference between user and kernel mode?

0 Answers   TCL,

how can i install windows-xp operating system in single time to 50 computersconnected in a LAN.

0 Answers   Bank Of America,

reduce the number of key strokes to execute this command : t char -t -v -f/dev/fd0

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I have cleared SBT clerk exam and having interview on 29.I have completed my in IT.I would like to know the types of questions asked in the interview.

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