scd methodology?

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scd methodology?..

Answer / rr

SCD means slowly changing dimension.
It represents dimensions that change with time.
There are three types of scds.
Type1: Overwrite (contains no history)
Type2: Add an additional record with time stamp or flag
(contains history)
Type3: Add a new field for the record to represent the new
value(contains history)

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scd methodology?..

Answer / vignesh muralidharan

Type1: No historical datas will be available, when changes
are made the old data will be deleted and the new data will
be insrted.

Type2: Flag:The old data will be denoted as false and the
new data will be denoted as true.

Version:The changes made will be numbered as 0,1, on.

Date:The changes along with the date in which they are made
are clearly mentioned.

Type3:The latest change which is made is alone available.

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