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Emphasis Interview Questions
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I am a B.COM graduate. I have studied all the theorotical aspects of manual testing. How can i get in to testing without practical exp. And even if i manage to get a job, i want to know whether i will be able to do my job, being i am new to software field.

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The LCM of two numbers is 2079 and their HCF is 27. If one of the numbers is 189, find the other number. (a) 248 (b) 128 (c) 297 (d) 336 (e) None of these

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Explain about throw keyword?

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Suppose 100 SRS are there. & 100 test cases are there. How can we check that wheather a particular field has been tested or not.


By using Filter Transformation,How to pass rows that does not satisfy the condition(discarded rows) to another target?

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how did spent your yesterday?

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Can we Run the Application without Build

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How many Garbage Collectors are there for one Application or one Page

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which is faster ArraytList Or Collection ? how? hows the Hashing works internally ?

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What are the new features in SQL Server 2005?

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What are the features that are new in .net 2.0

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What is the difference between readonly and const

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How does SQL Server session state works

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What are the tasks performed by a Team Lead


Can a master page inherit another master page?

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if (i = 0)printf ("True"); elseprintf("False"); Under what conditions will the above print out the string "True" a) Never b) Always c) When the value of i is 0 d) all of the above


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Explain what is blackberry? Please make it clear for a layman?


In what case you don't see plugin menu?


what are the advantages of extensible application markup language (xaml) over c# or


Declare the structure which contains the following members and write in C list of all students who score more than 75 marks. Roll No, Name, Father Name, Age, City, Marks.


Define base cluster?


Is it possible to create the following trigger: before or after update trigger for each row?


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