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What is outside sales? How is it different from indoor sales?

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Marketing come frist or selling?

2 Answers  

why leave from this company?

0 Answers   GCL, Godrej, Lyka Labs,

What is the most important thing to do at this stage of your life - maintaining a good work-life balance or earning more money?

0 Answers  

How to devlop Personality ?

8 Answers  

name 5 indian business person who have a great impact over india's economy?say something about themselves.

2 Answers   ICICI, Reliance,

describe types of customers you often contact at work

0 Answers  

Dear All, Plz tell me what should be correct matter for apply a sales officer post, if i have experience, ability ?

0 Answers   HCL, TCS,

What you know about this company?

0 Answers  

how to prepair yourself to be an innavator of a multinatiomnal company ?

1 Answers   Airtel,

Why did you choose marketing career?

7 Answers   Aircel, Coca Cola, Infosys, LBC,

If we offer job. How you’ll manage it? What step you’ll take? Convenience me about your product again competency

2 Answers   Hindustan Unilever Limited,

elicit areas of development

0 Answers  

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