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What is the method involved in analyzing powders for composition?

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what is meant by runaway temperature in a reactor?

3 Answers   Cairn,

UNIT OPERATION - EXAMPLE 9.2 : A distillation column separates 10000 kg / hr of a mixture containing equal mass of benzene and toluene. The product D recovered from the condenser at the top of the column contains 95 % benzene, and the bottom W from the column contains 96 % toluene. The vapor V entering the condenser from the top of the column is 8000 kg / hr. A portion of the product from the condenser is returned to the column as reflux R, and the rest is withdrawn as the final product D. Assume that V, R, and D are identical in composition since V is condensed completely. Find the ratio of the amount refluxed R to the product withdrawn D. Hint : Solve the simultaneous equations as follow in order to find the answer (R / D) : 10000 = D + W; 10000 (0.5) = D (0.95) + W (0.04); 8000 = R + D.

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Question 101 - (a) Let | A > = (Aa Ab Ac), | B > = (Ba Bb Bc), | C > = (Ca Cb Cc). Find | A > + | C > - | B > in term of Aa, Ab, Ac, Ba, Bb, Bc, Ca, Cb and Cc. (b) Let d | E > = d (Ea Eb Ec) = (d Ea d Eb d Ec). If | E > = (6 7 8), find the value of 10 | E >.

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significance of fouling factor in shell and tube heat exchnager

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UNIT OPERATION - EXAMPLE 9.1 : Which of the sequence below represent a feasible flows of ethanol processing plants using cellulose as starting material? A. raw material -> heat exchanger -> distillation column -> reactor. B. reactor -> distillation column -> raw material -> heat exchanger. C. heat exchanger -> raw material -> distillation column -> reactor. D. raw material -> heat exchanger -> reactor -> distillation column. E. distillation column -> raw material -> reactor -> heat exchanger.

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If sum one has HAL placement paper plz mail me ,I m Chemical id is

0 Answers   HAL,

Why in a continuous plant for a Hot standby screw pump system the interlock for auto starting of the other pump ( when the running pump stopped suddenly) is given with header pressure only? why not with flow rate or current of the pump?

0 Answers   Haldia,

How to calculate the sonic velocity of a gas stream?

1 Answers   Sony,

What are the three classes of organic solvents?

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Explain the advantages of using a ball mill over other conventional methods of crushing?

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QUANTUM BIOLOGY - EXAMPLE 33.2 : (a) In a biomolecule, ATP hydrolysis will produce 3 kcal / mol to 60 kcal / mol of energy, according to energy scale. Find the range of such energy generation if 2 moles of molecules involved. (b) A formula is given by ln P = ln a + b ln W where P = metabolic rate, W = body size, a = dependent of taxa, b = scaling exponent. If b is approximately 1 for plant, and b is approximately 0.75 for animal, find the relationship of P as a function of a and W in plant.

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sir i am appearing in railway exam of section engineer and my branch is chemical engineering i want previous question paper of section engineer of chemical branch please tell me as soon as possible my email id is THANKYOU

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