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What type of pump may be appropriate for a liquid near saturation, a low flow rate, and very limited npsha (net positive suction head available)?

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PROCESS DESIGN - EXAMPLE 21.3 : According to a heuristic of chemical engineering plant design, assume a pressure difference dP = 4 psi for each 10-ft rise in elevation. A pump is needed to pump liquid from a storage tank at a lower elevation to a heating tank at a higher elevation with the elevation difference of 60 ft. (a) Find the pressure loss due to such elevation. (b) If the required minimum inlet pressure to the heating tank is 9 psi, with 1 control valve is installed between pump and heating tank, what is the dP minimum required for the control valve and the entrance to the heating tank when the heuristic mentions that at least 10 psi is required for the control valve? (c) The pressure at the inlet of the pump is 8 psi and the flowrate of the liquid produces pressure head of 50 psi. What is the total pressure produced by the pump? (d) Assume a pipeline dP of 2 psi / 100 ft for liquid flow in a pipe according to heuristic, what is the approximate maximum length of the pipe in ft that can be installed between the pump and the heating tank?

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What do we use carburizing/nitriding chemicals for?

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Question - Chemical Engineering Material - In crystal material, hexagonal crystal system could form 4-digit index in certain direction of solid. For [1(-1)0] direction in the hexagonal crystal systems of particular catalyst applied in fume removal of incinerator, what is the four-digit index for this direction? Hint : The transformation equations between the 3-digit [h’k’l’] and the 4-digit [hkil] indices are : h = (1/3) (2h’ – k’); i = - (h + k); k = (1/3) (2k’ – h’); l = l’. A. [(-1)100] B. [1(-1)00] C. [(-1)000] D. [00(-1)(-1)] E. [(-1)0(-1)0]

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Explain the different ways in which solids can be blended?

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Mention some of the specialized crushing methods?

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I am a Diploma Chemical Engineer by Nirma Uni; and BEng (Hons) Energy & Environmental Engineer by Napier Uni; Edinburg, UK. HPCL chemical engineering test will held on 14th July,09. So, Please send me some previous chemical engineering papers Objective types Or material to give the test.

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What is the difference between multi grade filter and dual media filter?

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ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING - QUESTION 22.1 : In order to predict the wastewater production, the population number has to be understood. The population data is : 72000 (for year 1961 or P-1961), 85000 (for year 1971 or P-1971), 110500 (for year 1981 or P-1981). (a) Find the average population increase, or [ (P-1981 - P-1971) + (P-1971 - P-1961) ] / 2. (b) Find the average percentage population increase, or [ (P-1981 - P-1971) / P-1971 + (P-1971 - P-1961) / P-1961 ] / (2) X 100. (c) Find the incremental increase or P-1981 - 2 (P-1971) + P-1961. (d) Let Po = P-1981. After 2 decades or n = 2, the population is P-2001. By using arithmetical increase method, find P-2001 = Po + n (Answer for a). (e) By using incremental increase method, find P-2001 = (Answer of d) + n (n + 1) (Answer of c) / 2. (f) By using geometrical increase method, find P-2001 = Po [ 1 + (Answer of b) / 100 ] ^ n where ^ is power sign, or 1 ^ 2 = 1 x 1 = 1. (g) If the actual P-2001 = 184000, which method of estimation is more accurate, based on your answer in (d), (e) and (f)?

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What are advantages using hollow shaft impeller?

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Question 47 - In a cylinder with a hollow, let a is outside radius and b is the inside radius. In a steady state temperature distribution with no heat generation, the differential equation is (d / dr) (r dT / dr) = 0 where r is for radius and T is for temperature. (a) Integrate the heat equation above into T(r) in term of r. (b) At r = a, T = c; at r = b, T = d. Find the heat equation of T(r) in term of r, a, b, c, d.

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which book is better for written test of a refinery or a chemical industry-o.p gupta or DR.RAM PRASAD?

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Question 44 - In a non-dilute absorber, graphical method is used to represent the process. In an X - Y coordinate system, X-axis represents mole of carbon dioxide / mole of water and Y axis represents mole of carbon dioxide / mole of nitrogen. The inlet gas stream consists of 8 mol % of carbon dioxide in nitrogen. (a) Find the S / G minimum as a slope that goes through the point (0, 0.0304) and (0.0000488, 0.086957). (b) Find the actual slope of operating line when it is 1.5 times the S / G minimum! (c) Find the value of x for inlet gas stream when y = 1640 x, y is mole fraction of carbon dioxide in nitrogen.

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