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What are some good strategies for curing tube vibration in shell and tube exchangers?

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In differential centrifugation of cells with diameter D in centimeter, the square of D is given by D x D = [18n ln (RF / RI) ] / [ (RP – RFF) Wt ] where n is the fluid viscosity (poise), RF is the final radius of rotation (cm), RI is the initial radius of rotation (cm), RP is cell density (g/ml), RFF is the fluid density (g/ml), W the square for the rotational velocity in (radians / s) (radians / s), t is the time required to sediment from RI to RF (s). Derive an equation for W as a function for D, n, RF, RI, RP, RFF and t, with the stated units above, in radian

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What are demand of crotonaldehyde99% in the worldand its international market ?

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How can we identify a poisoned food if we are not able to sense it?? . .,(naturally by colour ,smell etc. . .)

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what is mean by reflux ratio?

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how can I find out a sulfuric acid recovery plant disigner?

0 Answers   ONGC,

What is difference between a Flue Gas Analyzer and Exhaust Gas Analyzer ?

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When an expansion is joint needed on the shell side of a shell and tube heat exchanger?

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Where barrel pump use?

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Which type of pneumatic control valve is used mostly Either Air to Open r Air to close the value And guys I need reason for your reason

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How can you keep our seawater used for heat rejection clean before entering our heat exchangers?

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whats the allowed tolerance of pipe to pipe butt joint mismatching

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What types of valves are recommended for slurry services?

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