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What is the status code in stored procedure transformation?

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Suppose in the next version of Informatica, RTR Xn is excluded. Then how will u route data to different tgts?

2 Answers   Deloitte,

Define joiner transformation?

0 Answers  

Does Facttable Normalized or Denormalized?

2 Answers   IBM,

Can any one give me an example for factless fact table ? If your answer is studunt attendence registration,could you plese give me explanation for this ?

3 Answers   Cap Gemini, Puma, Wipro,

in which situations do u go for scds ?

3 Answers   TCS,

why we are using level option in normalizer transformation

0 Answers   TCS, Wells Fargo,

Briefly explain the aggregator transformation?

0 Answers  

Update strategy transformation is an active transformation.How it changes the number of records that pass through it? Please explain....

2 Answers  


4 Answers   HP,

What are active transformations? Name them.

1 Answers  

Hi, I am unable to connect ports from two Active trasformations to another active transformation ? Why is it so? Why it is designed like that? Some rules has been designed like this that is We can't connect passive and another passive to active.Can any one please letme know all these rules. Ex:- I am trying to connect filter1 and filter2 to another filter. Please answer me Advance Thanks

1 Answers   IBM,

what are the difference between Informatica 7.1 and 8.1?

6 Answers