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emc2 Interview Questions
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What is correlated subquery?


Which method the Servlet container call to create the instance of the servlet?

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What the meaning of Computer Auditing.

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EXplain how the TCP/IP suite addresses application support


what r d crontab fields?

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what is the purpose of method overriding in java where v r completely re-defining a inherited method instead y can't v create a new method and define.If the question is very silly plz excuse me and do reply.Thank U!

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how many servers are maintaining and what is your 'user base' in the organization?------friends please tell me in what way the answer should be?

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const int perplexed = 2; #define perplexed 3 main() { #ifdef perplexed #undef perplexed #define perplexed 4 #endif printf("%d",perplexed); } a. 0 b. 2 c. 4 d. none of the above

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what is the meaning of Accrual Concept?

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what are the adjustment entries?

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How do speedup the project delivery without affecting the cost?

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sort a word "system" in perl/shell without using built in functions output should be emssty

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What are the IPC techniques ? explain each

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When is a template better solution than a base class??

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When you define a integer it gets stored in which data structure?(Stack or a heap)

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What is the use of Php variables?


Do you know is web sphere certified on people tools 8.1x?


Explain abouT Security Life Cycle.


Is microsoft access important?


What are the primary characteristics of the Teradata.


How Authentication Header provides the protection to IP header?


Why we use #include conio h in c++?


What will happen if some program tries to process a queue on which an ENQ command has been issued by some other program?


Explain chomp, chop, cpan, tk.


What is return null in java?


What happens when you return a reference to a private variable?


What are residence monitors?


Explain about abstraction?


What is a mutating table and a constraining table?


what is the difference between black box testing and white box testing?