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A 100W electric lamp is supplied from a 115V, 60HZ source. The peak instantaneous power dissipated in the lamp filament is

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Why we connect the capacitor in Delta?if we conect in Star what will happen?

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If you have an earth with pilecap then your resistance is really low. why and how?

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what does vector group Dyn11 tell us? also tell me how will u differentiate between phase lead and phase lag thru this vector group

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Graphs of measuring power and speed on dc motor

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If we need4× 50mm sq cable but it's not available so we can pull 4×25mm sq 2cables

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why transformer rating in kva and motor rating in kw

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how to calculate sizing of NGTR (Transformer rating,Loading resistor value and Current rating of resistor) and what is the X/R ratio. Details : 11kV,Capacitance 1.73532 micro farads,40kA for 1sec.

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how power trnafor from 1 point to another point in bus bar ya transmission line( voltage trnasfer from 1 point to another poin)

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We are preparing another project which involves Waste heat recovery from a 1 MW GE Engine. The Engine in particular gives out flue gas at 487Deg C with a flow rate of 5650 kg/hour and this can be cooled to 180 Deg C. This gives a thermal output of ~ 594 KW that is available for input to VAM via heat exchanger / boiler. Additionally 581 KW will be available from engine jacket water (temperature profile 80/ 80 Deg C and a flow rate of 50m3/hr) Our estimation is that 300 TR of cooling is possible with a suitable VAM machine(s). Please advise what is the most suitable arrangement with maximum TR and min Capital expenditure. plz reply me as early as possible

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I have tow 200 KVA UPS, both are in parallel mode.My question is that, both are running on battery when power fail, if one of them fail (Eg rectifire fails or some other reason), at thet time reverse power will come to faild ups if it comes then it will harm to failed ups or not? if not then how it protects to faied ups????????????????

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