Hi experts,Recently I faced one questions in MNC,They having 4 tables in FM ..One fact table CALLING X, Remaining 3 tables are there not fact calling y,z etc...We want to join individually from X to Y..please suggest.

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Why we take so long time to display date prompt before displaying a report? How can we reduce the time?

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Can any one give the example for slicing and dicing of data ?(with simple query)

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When You Import data into catalog You have complex columns names. How do you change the Name of those columns?

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What is Normalization?

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how many types of formats you can run a report using cognos?

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how to convert crosstab into list?

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what are the difficult problem are you involved in cognos report net and 8 and impromptu if any pls share with us

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In Report page i have three types like (List,Cross tab,Chart), using Conditional Block i need only type of Report (Chart)at run time.How to do this I need The Complete Steps to do this?

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how do you test reports in reportnet? what do you record in unit testing documents? pls give answer in detail......

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In one of my report i have one data item sales_amount. If this report is run by one user from india so the sales_amount should be display in indian repees(Rs.) format, if USA user then in dollers($), if UK user then In Pounds.Hou can i achive this? Please answer me.

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what are ERP systems?

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if u having 2 pakages i want a report with report items in 2 pakages how to use the 2 pakages in single report please ans me............

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