Hi experts,Recently I faced one questions in MNC,They having 4 tables in FM ..One fact table CALLING X, Remaining 3 tables are there not fact calling y,z etc...We want to join individually from X to Y..please suggest.

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What is conditional styling? a.format applied based on filter b.format applied based on user c.format applied based on on condition d.all the above 2. For a company X, actual revenue and budgeted revenue are captured in two tables Fact_Ac_Rev and Fact_Bud_rev. Both are at diff levels of granularity (Fact_Act is month and budget @ quarter leve )and there is one common Time dimension, A report is created to show the actual and budgeted revenue 2gther but the data for budgeted is wrong. Which should be doing for rectifing the error? a. create determinants for month and quarter b. join the two table facts into a single fact c. Create 2 time dimensions @ FM d. Need to create 2 separate reports as the required info cant be shown using a single report. 3. Template in a Query Studio? a. sample Data set b. CSS c. A standard that applies for all reports d. None of the listed options 4.you are a report author @ the Company, which sells sporting equipment 5. Sales person in different regions each need a report showing sales target for each country. which of the following is the best way to distribut? a. Email b. Bursting c. storing in public folders d. All the above. 6. I)A query subject behave as a dimensional in one query and fact in other query. ii) Queries with more than one fact results in stitched query. iii) Cognos identifies a query subject as Fact based only on the measure a. ii only b. i only c. both i and ii d. iii only 7. what is meant by pivoting? a. making a stacked set b. swapping rows into columns c. making column as filter d. none of the above 8. A report cant be viewed in which? a. CSV b. XML c. ASCII d. Excel 9.A user wants to retriv all products which are not sold for last X days. Which prompt is used? a. Time b. Value c. Text d. Interval 10. Dispatcher? a.routes request to appropriate services and start services b. routes request to appropriate services c.starts all service d. none of the abv Frenz Please help me out !!! :) Thanks in Advance

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9. What was the most complex type of report you dealt with?

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can we put more measure on cross tab? If so how many? How this affect the aggregation?

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first of all i want say thanks to Zilanibasha, As u said that now these days Cirtification in cognos8 is only possible. Will u like to tell me in detail How i apply for cirtification As i m very much Interested.

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Can any one help me by ansewring this question:-What are the errors encountered while executing your reports?(Depending on your own experiences) Thanks in advance.

3 Answers   iGate,

If you have a report with list and cross tab in the same page. How do you restrict one user can see only the list and the other user can see both.

4 Answers   IBM,

what do you mean by parallel execution of query?

1 Answers   Mind Tree,

What is the abrevation of .PPR? (Power play report) or anything new?

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It is possible to select more query items in value prompt? i.e when i use drag down i want to display these items like customerid in customer query subject, employeeid in employee query subject and orderid in order query subject..?becoz i want u display when i select a value(ex:customerid)in value prompt ,i need to display another report for all details customer.So, i need how to link for that process...? pls tel me any one knows ,i want to create that report..? thanks , basha

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How to give a securites in object level&datalevel&pakege lavel in frame work manager?

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What condition do we use in Cognos when multiple path exits to reach the fact table.(i.e in BOXI we use CONTEXT when multiple path exit)

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----------------What is meant by DSS?

1 Answers   Bank Of America,