what is the difference between En19 and En24

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What is the purpose of starting air?

0 Answers   RRB,

If a fixed gear having 200 teeth is in mesh with another gear having 50 teeth.The two gear are connected by an arm.What will be the number of turn made by the smaller gear for one revolution of arm about the center of bigger gear? Any effort is appreciable witha proper logic..

8 Answers  

Which of the following rivers does not form any delta at its mouth ?

0 Answers   RRB,

What is A check, B check, C Check & D check for a diesel Generator? Please guide me as this question was asked many times and till now i haven't get right answer.If you can mail me then please mail me the answer @ yogiagarwal@gmail.com.

18 Answers   Bosch, Ranbaxy, TVS, Multi Arc, Regulus IMC, XCD, YWS, BDV, Honda, Apollo Power, HVCC, Further Future, Jackson, Kirloskar,

i got the call from toyata for sales and marketing.forward me aptitude question paper for practice.

0 Answers   Toyota, Nandi,

Which two continents are mirror images of each other?

4 Answers   IOCL, L&T,

how many work softner filter ,multy media filter ,cartage filter , in r o system

0 Answers   Hilton,

As per api 650 code for new ss tank fabrication,in bottom plate bulge is acceptable? How many bulge acceptable for api 650?

0 Answers   Hyundai,

respected sir/madam.. i wish to know about the latest mechanical inventions and improvements... hwere can i get them... please respond to me through my id

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How do i calculate compressor capacity in a refrigeration system?

5 Answers  

what is an function of air cell bag in air cell conservator

0 Answers  

What materials are used for engine propeller?

4 Answers  

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