What are your significant functional achievements in the
present company? How did they contribute to the total process

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What is turbocharger and his rpm

0 Answers   JMD,

How to calculate the bearing size ? Ex; 6307

1 Answers   IMECO, Toyota, Sagar Cements,

what do you mean by volvo ?

0 Answers  

how cooling tower height selected?

1 Answers  

why dont we use the vapour absorption refrigeration system in power palnts

1 Answers  

What is the material of is 2062

45 Answers   KEC,

Categories >> Engineering >> Mechanical Engineering Suggest New Category Question Asked @ Answers Views select what is advantage of hllow shaft over solid shaft aprt from material saving? does hollow shaft absorb more vibration than solid shaft? 0 5 wat is the meaning of cop of wet suction and dry suction????? 1 171 What is the difference between an axle and a shaft? reply soon frnds........ 4 260 16 inch = 1 ______________? 2 124 What are the steps taken in troubleshooting of a machine e.g extruder ME 0 26 What is a seal? ME 3 133 what is the mean of b.tech? 3 167 what type of pump 2 63 what is differance between ball screw and lead screw ? Amtek 1 86 What is the units of surface tension and also dimensional formula? RRB 3 218 What is meant by cigarcone? RRB 3 120 I want to know flow rate,max pressure drop,heat load,design pressure,test presurre,temp both inlet and outlet of coldside and hot side of 1,2,3,5,5.5,7.5,10,12,15 tons 0 24 why steam power plant is more popular than gas turbine plant? ME 3 304 what is EEE in thermodynamics????? ME 2 223 what is the practical use of ENTROPY? JSW 4 282

1 Answers  

How to measure ducting in HVAC.

15 Answers   GMR,

What is mean by retrofitting of machine tool please brief

1 Answers   DRJ ARDE,

two advantages of closed cycle gas turbine over open cycle turbine?

3 Answers  

what is the function of platern water wall in a boiler? and difference between with ordinary water wall?

0 Answers  

what is the size of A4 size paper?

7 Answers   Bhel,

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