what is 20 mm dia equivalent reinforcement in column with 25 mm dia 3nos and 32 mm dia 3 nos?

what is 20 mm dia equivalent reinforcement in column with 25 mm dia 3nos and 32 mm dia 3 nos?..

Answer / mustafa mohammed layeak

1. Area of 20mm bar is 314mm^2, for 25mm bar is 491 mm^2 and for 32mm bar is 804 mm^2.
2. For a column with 3nos 25mm and 3nos 32mm the total area of steel is = (3*491)+(3*804) = 1473+2412 = 3885 mm^2.
3. Therefore number of 20mm bars required will be = Ast/Abar = 3885/314 = 12.37
Therefore provide 14 nos 20mm dia bars.

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