what is KV and XV valve

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why do 4 mA serves as 0% not 0 mA?

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i want formula for flow control.am doing project in flow control using orifice . i know value of the flow level(Q) . upstream(p1) pressure, orifice diameter(Do) , pipe diameter(Di) and oil viscosity(Vi) how can i calculate downstream pressure

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Which types of quections asked in interview for FORMULATION PLANT (PHARMA)

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what is the tempareture conpensation?what is the use of this?

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Profibus DP is a multi-master system. Would it work on RS-485 4W or not, and justify your answer

1 Answers   EIT,

Draw symbols of the following :

0 Answers   CCIE,

what is meant by turn down ratio?

3 Answers   Avant Garde,

warning lamp does not light, but it does light when the wire from the lamp going to the sending unit is grounded (the part that plugs into the sending unit) what does this indicate)?

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What is T4 temperature in compressor?

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PID controller is used for which type of compensation…… a) lead comp. b) lag com. c) lead lag com.

12 Answers   Engineers India Limited,

On LPG sphere tank we used LIT for level indication.High side port is connected to the bottom of the tank while low side port connected to the top. I would like to know how to fill the glycerin on its low side with two condensing pot installed,one from top and the other one for its drain line.Please I need your expertise...thanks

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who discoverd ohms law?

3 Answers   HPCL,

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