documented proof that aluminium bus bars are better than aluminium cables

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a wire in which bulb is connected there is two terminal when one terminal is connected to phase than why the value of current shock in nutral terminal is max. or large??

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When One Phase PT Missing (voltage drop ) this time current is zero of This phase(PT Missing Phase) and current is Not Zero of other Phase but PF is always Low That Why

0 Answers   HCL,

What is the difference in calculating size of AC cables compared to calculating size of DC Cables? Usually DC Cables are larger than AC Cables although they have the same ampacity. Why is it?

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Which of the following can be operated at higher frequencies ? -SCR -MOSFET -IGBT

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I have 4 DG set with 1500KVA rating. system breakers are 11KV & alternator are 415 Volts. Between alternator & breaker one stepup transformer used. i want to Know what is max. resistance for body earthing & 415 & 11KV V Neuteal earthing. my fault current is 14 times for 2 sec.

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What is the alternate solution for testing of polarity by using polarity tester while its milli ammeter does not works?

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what are the types of control systems to control the speed of the motor??

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i am completed in B.E(Electrical and Electronics Engineering) with 8 months experience in Quality Control Engineer at Bharathi Industries,Coimbatore.

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What is the minimum setting in REF relay because i am facing some problem whenever power resumes after power failure my transformer is tripping because of REF trip. I am using CSPC make numerical relay(DIP switches). Now setting is 15 percentage. What is the reason for this triping. I sm waiting for answer

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what s a servo motor? how to control the servo motor? and its application, purpose of using?

2 Answers   Arabian Pipes,

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