how does high earth to neutral voltage affect electronic equipment?

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what is pulverisation

2 Answers  

hi , i have 150 kw loud and we need 50 m cabil,i want to know wich size cabil we use. thanks

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In VSD (variable speed drive)I/P and O/P connections given wrongly what will happen?

5 Answers  

one KVAR takes how much amps, and how to add power capacitors to electrical panels, for example if one of the MCC drawn 800amps means how much KVAR required

1 Answers  

Shall we use Dyn1 transformer in place of Dyn11 for motor application as a distribution transformer

1 Answers   NSL Sugars,

what is the relationship between current and frequency in AC circuit?

3 Answers  

why the inserting resistance in wound rotor induction motor decrease the starting current and increase the starting torque

2 Answers  

what is purpose of using neutral grounding transformer in generators??

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what is meant by dielectric breakdown ? where we using HV test kit & what purpose?

3 Answers   ITC Infotech,

what is the full load current and power rating of 1 Tonne Air Conditioner?How will Calculate?

2 Answers  

I need bhel electrical test pattern & paper

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What is the SCR system in drilling rig.

2 Answers   Weatherford,

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