Can we get 1st record through Informatica(without sequence number).

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What is deployemnt groups, Lables, query and dynamic deployment group.

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In a sequential batch can u run the session if previous session fails?

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one source to target loading insert new rows and update existing rows?

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lookup transformation with screenshots

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Explain the flow of data in Iinformatica?

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i have flatfile source. i want to load the maximum salary of each deptno into target. what isthe mapping flow

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I am using mapping variable, when i am running a session,before it has 10000 records, after completion of session what about value of mapping variable?

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How to do Integration testing in Informatica?

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what is the size ur source like(file system or database)? how many record daily come u r banking project?

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how can import the data from the flat files?

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wt is the difference between truncate and delete in which situation u use delete and truncate in real time..

4 Answers   TCS,

Hi I have a source (flat file) like ID Name Attachments 101 abc [07012005072902]_CMM27-11-01 Page106 (2).pdf 102 bcd "[19012005124259]_Anfrage-Vendors.doc [19012005124336]_Anfrage.xls" 103 def "[19012006092602]_IMG_0310.JPG 19012006092631]_IMG_0311.JPG [19012006092702]_IMG_0312.JPG [19012006092727]_IMG_0313.JPG" But I need to generate duplicate records based on attachments column. Target (Table) like ID Name Attachments 101 abc [07012005072902]_CMM27-11-01 Page106 (2).pdf 102 bcd 19012005124259]_Anfrage-Vendors.doc 102 bcd [19012005124336]_Anfrage.xls 103 def [19012006092602]_IMG_0310.JPG 103 def [19012006092631]_IMG_0311.JPG 103 def [19012006092702]_IMG_0312.JPG 103 def [19012006092727]_IMG_0313.JPG 103 def [19012006092750]_IMG_0314.JPG 103 def [19012006092814]_IMG_0315.JPG Here no. of Attachments we can't decide because it is dynamic. It will be great if somebody help me on this. Thanks in Advance. ganga

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