what is the difference between transformer,converter and transducer

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what is difference between window type and wound type transformers?where we will use window type and wound type transformers?

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Design and explain a circuit to produce an unregulated full wave D.C supply.

1 Answers  

what is the difference between neutral and earth????

4 Answers  

what is the purpose of vector group in a transformer ? if 2 tranaformers r connected in parallel the vector group is same or not? for parallel operation 2 transformers of different manufacturers maintain same vector group or not?

3 Answers   Orchid,

Describe the test procedure to determine the vector group

0 Answers   MPSEB,

Why DG set rating in KVA

12 Answers   Crompton Greaves,

Which Current transformer will be bigger in size, 400/5 or 400/1 & why?

2 Answers   Apollo,

what is the formula for efficiency of francis turbine and generator for hydropower? what is best way to select francis turbine and generator?

0 Answers   HAL,

What is the current flow in 230v ac supply ? What is the current flow in 415v Ac supply ?

6 Answers  

What is LOTO?

5 Answers  

Why in power plant projects we see DOL starting method used for motors upto 160 kW instead of star delta method

0 Answers   UCC,

Alternators are invariably star connected why?

4 Answers  

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