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please explian me about area normalisation method,diluted standard method,impurity vs impurity and which one has to be selected in method development

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what is difference between Performance check and Calibration?

1 Answers  

what is the purge flow & how to calculate

0 Answers   Granules,

Definition of beers_ lamberts law

4 Answers   Aarti Industries, Agio Pharmaceuticals, Emcure, Supriya Lifescience,

What is the difference between ROI & sulphates ash?

1 Answers  

In burette calibration of Karl fischer Instrument, the multiplication factor 1.00693 is using for how much ml of water dispenced. why

1 Answers  

How doing qbd practically?

0 Answers  

In capadity factor formula is K'= (RT of main compound/RT of first eluted peak)-1 in this formula what is 1

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how to decide for one product require water content or LOD?

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how much you expected salary?

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HOw do i calculate the number of theoretical plate on a HPLC chromatography

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How to Calibrate NMR instrument ?

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how to calculate the Step and ripple accuracy for pump gradient test for UPLC?

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