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which batch require to use for analytical method validation?

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if v use HELIUM & ARGON instead of NITROGEN as a mobile phase what happen in GC SYSTEM ?

5 Answers   Cipla, Reddy Labs,

If vendor having more imp than monograph then how to proceed? and how to set spec?

0 Answers  

What is the reason of RT change in new column v/s old column in HPLC

3 Answers   Apex,

what is the diference between spectroscopy and chromatography

2 Answers   Cipla, PharmChem, Reliance,

We use Potassium Dichromate solution for the calibration of UV-Visible Spectrophotometer in UV region. My question is to calibrate visible region which solution could be used in photometric accuracy

0 Answers  

How to establish relative response factor for hplc. Why it is required?

0 Answers  

why we conclude the area% for the chromatographic purity?

1 Answers   Amneal Pharmaceuticals, Lupin,

What is definition of RRT and what is the difference between RT and RRT in HPLC

2 Answers  

identification is for unknown? qualification for known? reporting for LOQ?

0 Answers  

What should be the calibration procedure for wavelength accuracy in case of HPLC?

4 Answers  

what is the basis of separation in chromatography?

1 Answers   Anthem,

why the ph scale range is 1 t0 14 and why not beyond 14 and not to below 1?

5 Answers   Avra, Granules, Orchid,

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