why kf factor coming 0.5

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why kf factor coming 0.5..

Answer / suresh palacharla

I Think yhis question is wrong It should be "why kf factor
5 mg/ml answer is that 1 ml of Kf reagent is consumed by
5.0mg of water

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why kf factor coming 0.5..

Answer / rajendra kumar

The question is wrong. It should be "why kf factor coming

The answer is because 0.5mg of water is neutralised by one
ml of kf reagent.

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why kf factor coming 0.5..

Answer / satish

question is wrong 5 mg of sample is neutralized with 1 ml of kf reagent

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why kf factor coming 0.5..

Answer / ramanjaneyulu.g

i think this question is wrong this factor depends on how
much quantity of present in water

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why kf factor coming 0.5..

Answer / janardan

0.1 mg water is req. to neutralise 0.5 mg of KF

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