what is a composite error in current transformers, why occurs & in which it will occur i.e, either metering ct/ protection ct

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Why dry type cast resin transformers tap link blast in HV side while power shut down times on load?

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why nearly all the voltage levels are in the multiples of 11 like 3.3 ,6.6 ,33 ,11 kv.....

8 Answers   Suzlon,

Any Electrical Engineering jobs?Please refer for interviews. Thank you

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what will happen while giving 2 phase supply to 3 phase motor

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What are steps to be taken while designing of DYN11 distribution transformer to achieve magnetising balance?

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how many percent setting of motor over load relay of its full load current

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what is potentiometer & rheostat

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what is a starter ??

2 Answers   NPTC,

In transformers Which type of connection is preferred for harmonics to be minimum. primary : secondary star without neutral:open delta star with neutral :open delta star without neutral: delta star with neutral : delta explain why

1 Answers   Genco,

cb used in railway applications is?

2 Answers   NTPC,

how to make a solar panel? why solar panel cell connected to serious?

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I have a small system with two motors that are running on 380 vac, 60 hz. These motors are expensive and I usally get them from Brazil. I am adding another motor to the system, but I want to purchase a 480 vac, 60 hz motor to use. It will be on a VFD that is rated fro 380 thru 480. Is this posible and will I have to use a larger motor and derate it?

0 Answers   US Electrofused Minerals,

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