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Define Current Transformer?
Working & TYpe's Of C.T.

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Define Current Transformer? Working & TYpe's Of C.T. ..

Answer / bhadrappa

it is a device which works on the principle of mutual
it consists of two windings with thick copper windings of
perticular ratio. primary winding is connected in series
with load to carry load current and it is induced in
secondory is connected with a appropriate meter to measure
load current.

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Define Current Transformer? Working & TYpe's Of C.T. ..

Answer / kunwar dinesh singh

ct works on the principle of mutual induction. the secondary
winding of CT is connected to the ammeter which is rated at
5 amp. ammeter used to measure load current.

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Define Current Transformer? Working & TYpe's Of C.T. ..

Answer / manishsingh

the simple answer for the meaning of CT is that it is like an ammeter.Ammeter measures very low load current CT measures for the high load current.Rest is the same as above.:))

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Define Current Transformer? Working & TYpe's Of C.T. ..

Answer / v.venkata ramana

CT Means current transformer (measuring instrument)it works
like a transformer it measures line amps

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