difference between high and low impedance BUS BAR relay??

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Why the Transformer Nuetral is grounded?

10 Answers   Infosys, Khartoum Refinery,

What is the concept of voltage & current its relation?

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why the blede and jow of isoletor demage in substation?explan.

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how to select electronic timer(Star-Delta) setting for diff. rating motors

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A 6-pole, 50 Hz, 3-phase synchronous motor and on 8-pole, 50 Hz, 3-phase slip-ring induction motor are mechanically coupled and operate on the same 3-phase, 50 Hz supply. If they are left open-circuited, then the frequency of the voltage produced across any two slip rings would be

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what is the meaning of trippe time of circuit breaker

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how voltage regulator works ?

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considering the 3phase and single phase ac system the load applied and the volage given is same...will the current differs for both the cases are it wil remain same?

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How to connected to energy meter, pt, ct, ammeter, voltmeter and selector switch.

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Dear sirs, pls check this 4-20ma to RS485 module datasheet,pls guve me some suggestions. http://www.szsunyuan.com/sy/pro_more.asp?Productid=539 Thanks. E-mail:yunianjiang99@gmail.com

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can anybody send the rrb chennai &rrb bopal question papers of 2006&2007.My exam is on 12 oct 2008.Its urgent

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WE know that for Inductor X=2pifL,In DC f=0,then X=0 so,V=IX=0;But In the DC excitation of rotor of AC generator,DC motor field coil which coils are inductor so why does not applying DC voltage short the rotor coil of AC generator and field coil of motor?If it would then DC source might be damaged but it is not happened. Why does the strand conductor of Electrical power transmission line make twist?

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