Difference between control junction box (cjb) and power junction box(pjb)?

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I am going to appear RRB Sr. Section Engineer Exam, Electrical. Can you send me previous year questions of RRB Electrical engineer. specially Section Engineer questions. my email id is likerahulworld@gmail.com

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pls send me some of the solved question booklet of Junior Engineer -2 (ELE) in RRB

1 Answers   RRB,

in three pin pluge there three pins one is phase and second is earth third is nutral why nutral high diameter compare with phase and earth

10 Answers   Radiant,

what is the full load current and power rating of 1 Tonne Air Conditioner?How will Calculate?

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Whot is the difference between MCB and MCCB.Whot is the selection critearea for MCCB and MCB for 63 Amp.

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Distribution Transformer are connected in configuration? a. Star/delta b. delta/star c. star/star d. delta/delta

7 Answers   Maruti Suzuki, IPR,

how i calculate the syncrones generator NGR resistance .if we have a 6mw generator line voltage of generator 11kv also line current 393.3 ampere.

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which motor is used in watch..??????

3 Answers   Bhushan ITI,

what is the resultant phase shift in a 3 phase power system including neutral if on or more phases gets grounded or short circuited. kindly explain in detail for the reasons...

1 Answers   Enercon,

In dc motor starter there is less voltage required for holding contactor that's may why it is called no volt coil. but in ac starter why holding contactor is called no volt coil.

2 Answers   JSW,

Explain the working principle of Vacuum circuit breaker and Air circuit breaker

10 Answers   HP, Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission T TEC,

why the protection turbo generators is most complex?

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