Difference between control junction box (cjb) and power junction box(pjb)?

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at meter room 50 hrc switch installed,but there are not get earthing proper,so what happen?and 11kv transformer out put going in to hrc main 400a three nog each? so earthing is require for all switch? (some customer made earthing at there home.)

0 Answers   Siemens, Ebrahim Textile,

I am getting above 60 V as open delta voltage against single phase unit ICT at tertiary delta formed and ICT getting trippped on NDR. ICT tested and found in order. PTs provided on tertiary are tested and in order. what may be the reason?

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is there any concept of armature reaction in Induction motor?

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when will be the iocl interview results ifaced the interview on september 8 th

0 Answers   IOCL,

if a single phase 3 hp submersible pump of Crompton Greaves is moving in reverse direction and sometimes it moves in rigth direction ,then what may be the cause....

2 Answers   Crompton Greaves,

What is the general power factor & min. power rating of TV,LCD type TV, CRt type TV, Scanner, printer?

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What is the diff btw Conventional & Addressable Fire Alarm System???

5 Answers   Emerson,

Name the different control schemes of electric rive.

1 Answers   DVC,

What is reactive power and where it is used.

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Form S and "c" license application both are same? @ tneb portal

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how does an encoder work???

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What is diversity factor.

2 Answers   Cadbury,

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