please any body have most important data for study for saudi aramco test of instrument QC thanks email

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To calculate temperature, why we multiply 25 with mV?

2 Answers  

why we set -10 volt in vibration sensor output,why not +10 volt

2 Answers   GE, Honeywell, LLM,

what pressure transmitter?

8 Answers   Bhel,

What should be hight of CONTROL panel for access & OPERATION What is BIS & INDIAN STD for SAME?

3 Answers  

What is impulse line size

3 Answers   IFFCO,

Why grounding is necessary? Give example with diagram.

0 Answers   DS Group, Bright Point,

A pressure differential gauge type of instrument has a manifold with 2 isolation valves (hp and lp),2 vents(1 each for hp and lp) and 1 equalizing valve. Determine the position of each valve(either fully closed or fully open) when troboulshooting to: 1. zero the transmitter. 2. determine if there is a block in the impulse line. 3. determine if the gauge is functioning properly. The process fluid is water.

1 Answers  

the basic of a DP flow transmitter are the following

1 Answers  

Calibration of flow transmitter.

1 Answers   CCIE, Power Plant,

Can we calibrate an actuator?

5 Answers   Siemens,

Make a ladder diagram on LSL valve will close, on PSL valve will open and start the motor

0 Answers   CCIE,

what is the difference between sinking and sourcing inputs and also what are there applications?

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