please any body have most important data for study for saudi aramco test of instrument QC thanks email

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what is differential pressure transmitter and transducer? how to work?

1 Answers   Idea,

how many types of elements are there?

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The wire is disconnected from the temperature sending unit (magnetic gauge). A voltmeter connected to the wire reads 0v. What does this indicate?

2 Answers  

Any one can help me to identified, how can we interchange the device in FF

0 Answers   Ion Exchange,

what is the usage of QDV & VOLUME BOOSTER.

2 Answers   ADMA OPCO,

what is exact time to study dcs and plc cources

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why do 4 mA serves as 0% not 0 mA?

10 Answers  

what is difference between venturi and orifice

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What is the purpose of valve positioner. Explain 4 uses.

2 Answers   SRACO,

i feel sq. pipe is better than round pipe pls give comment for this. advance thanks for reply

3 Answers  

What is the purpose of RS Networks

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Waht is surge in compressors and how to control it?

1 Answers   DEWA,

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