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Answer / gunjanlad

instrumentation is study of instrument which can use for
control & measure process variable

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NPN transistor, SCR, Zener diode, LED, Varactor diode, Vortex meter, RTD, Resistor, Crystal

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Reasons for using seal pots:

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How to convert milliampares into flow??

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what is the difference between RTU & MTU in SCADA system?

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Qatar fertilizer call me for interview as Instrumentation Project Engineer. Please let me know what kind of question they asked ? ALso they said they will take Written test, any idea about this written test ?

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how to replace the smart transmitter software

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What care will you take in the installation of control valves,SCADA,DCS and FOC in Oil and Gas Project?

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How hart protocol can be connected with control valves?

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What is the basic principle of vibration measurement by BENTLY NEVADA vibration measurement system? and Why it gives the -ve voltage output?

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if my flow is 20000 m3/h than which range of DPT i have to use????

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how to write the program for single push button by using ladder diagram

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Air pressure in a pressure vessel can rise or fall at up to 2.5kpa/s.The pressure is sampled every 0.5 seconds.If range of the the pressure indication is 0 to 1500 kPa, what is the max value of the error due to sampling in % of Span

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