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Requirement of cement, and steel 1:2:4 ratio concrete in 1128 Sqft area(Cement No of bags, steel in Kgs)

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In colomn reinforcement when dia of bar is going to change, than what should be the lap length of bars weather it should be of heigher dia bar lap length or it should the accordance with new dia bar. the grade of concrete is same.

11 Answers  

how many labour is required for 1cum of concrete?

6 Answers  

How many types of Pile Foundation?

1 Answers   Jain Housing,

how many spacers we need for 1 ton reinforcement? aprox.

0 Answers   ACC, J&P, LST,

which type of foundation are most prefarable in blockcotton soils

3 Answers   IVRCL,

how to calculate required shuttering material like props,spans,plates ..etc for a slab?

1 Answers   NCC, Shoba Devlopers,

how much quantity of cement(bags)concrete(20mm)and sand(sqft)is used in 1:3:6 PCC

6 Answers  

How to evaluate the elastic modulus of soil from the plate load test result? for example of test results are here Max. settement =4.56mm(at 900kPa) Residual settlement = 4.02mm Maximum pressure on soil 900kpa Soil bearing capacity 300kpa Plate diameter=300mm Thickness =25mm Soil description =Grey, clayey silty SAND with gravels and rock fragments

1 Answers  

What is the difference between pressure pipe and non pressure (NP) pipe?

1 Answers   Infosys, L&T,

What is costing in 100squre feet bricks

0 Answers   ATS,

1.what is the main responsibilites of Site Engineer ? and what are main attitude ?

3 Answers   UltraTech,

what is meant by MIS report

7 Answers   HCC, RiceLake,

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