Cement sand mortar ratio 1:6 and 1:3. In canal lining 10mm & 16mm respectively done after 24hrs difference between them . Tell me Torrence limit of above ratio after 1 Year .

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please describe clear cover in column from stirups to face

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As per ratio 1:4:7, how can we calculate the quantity of materials for 1 cum of concreate, pls derive with equation

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how will i find leakage in underground?

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what is fineness modulas of sand ?

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We are into industrial flooring (epoxy flooring) business. We buy material from manufacturers.We supply and laying the to companies. In our billing what tax/ taxes to be claimed from companies? Are we applicable for only WCT or any else?

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What is the ratio of materials used for M10, M15, M20 & M25 grades of concrete? Also specify the quantity of water used in each grade & how to calculate it?

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how pumping of concrete effects the quantity of material used in it?

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how many kg cement & fine sand reqird in one sq meter 1:6 mortar ratio?

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what is the minimum compressive strength of clay brick

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what is mixing ratio of M25?

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Why do we provide development length in RCC?

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