I have 0.75mm sq multicore cable (IS type) , can use instead of same type but 1.5 sq mm cable ? Note : The distance is around about 150 meter.

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how to calibrate a control valve?

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Lube oil pressure transmitter local it's showing 9.8 kg/cm2 but dcs side it's showing 9.26 like that what is the reason?

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What is cable size for intrenal wiring in DCS or PLC ,from any card to Terminal amd Why

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Functions of electropneumatic valve positioner:

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defffrence between instruments and instrumentation

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what is mapping in instrumentation and control engineering

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send me HPCL paper

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What is input and output of vaiberation transmitter and what is its unit.

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What are the two states of a controller

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what are the difference between conventional and smart transmitter.

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where is a level displacer is used?

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What is rang ability?

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