I have 0.75mm sq multicore cable (IS type) , can use instead of same type but 1.5 sq mm cable ? Note : The distance is around about 150 meter.

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My rtd working well at the same time r/i converter is not working properly.when power is given to rtd..it is giving 30mA and getting 2.4 mA if i remove the compensate leads No matter how many ohms.why it is happening like so?what is the solution?rtd range-0-200deg c& 4-20 mA o/p.please give me solutiin anyone......

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we are used SAMSON 3730 Smart positioner.please tell me how to calibration this.

1 Answers   TCCL,

why we use only 4-20 ma signal as AI and not 0-20 ma?

2 Answers   Honeywell, Oil and Gas Jobs,

what is modbus,profibus,fieldbus

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What is open loop and close loop?

4 Answers   L&T, Pearl Distillery,

i have one tank of 500mm height, which is in under vacuum of 735 mmHg, I want measure level of the same using DPT , SO WHAT WILL BE THE URV & LRV, DENSITY OF THE TANK FLUID IS 0.95. is there necessary to fill the LP side with fluid.

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why we are using orfice plate? then difference between orfice 7 nozzle plate?

1 Answers   Flour Tech Engineers (P) Ltd,

In field side transmitter voltage droping here no loose connection then what will happen?

2 Answers   Edac,

How can measure flow in oil line?which type of transmitter is generally used?

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what is the differnt between open loop and close loop ?

5 Answers   India Cements,

Reasons for using seal pots:

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Dear all... I have 1 0-400 duplex type RTD, I connected the A side to the temperature indicator and B side to the PLC panel, but when I have observed then found that The PLC side temp has the variation. and it was distub to other RTD temp also. so what can I do.

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