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How many types of sensor

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why gray colour is choosing to all instrument panel.why not choosing other colour?

1 Answers   Reliance,

what do we mean by hook up drawing. what r the information we get from it?

7 Answers   Reliance,

hi am durga, i just now completed my eie [2009] , can anyone please guide me what r courses i need to join to enter into core company

6 Answers  

For what reason would you possibly be compelled to make use of a Smith Predictor. Explain the idea behind the operation of this device.

0 Answers  

why we are maintain the gap voltage in vibration probe when installing time can explain me?

1 Answers   CIL,

hydrogen purity meter calibrating and commissioning procedure can be explained?

1 Answers  

how micro-processor and micro controller different from architecture

3 Answers   Bhushan Power Steel,

canu tell me why 4-20 ma and why not this 3-25ma?please give reason of this value.

6 Answers  

what is Analog input/output & Digital input/output,

2 Answers   Bapco Bahrain Petroleum Company,

How many loops are there in the power plant? how many closed & open loop in the power plant ? Please give me the exact clarification?

2 Answers   Lanco, Reliance,

what is a vortex flow meter,mass flow meter and electromagnetic flow meter.particular use of this.means in which condition particular meter is used.

0 Answers   L&T,

i am going to attend ongc exam this coming june for Graduate Engineer Trainee post if anybody knows the question pattern or have experience plz share it with me

3 Answers   ONGC,

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