the parts of transformers ?

the parts of transformers ?..

Answer / amit kumar gupta

Transformer parts are:-
1)BUCHHOLZ RELAY: it is avery sensitive gas and oil
operated instrument which safely detect the formation of
gas or sudden prssure inside the oil transformer.
2)CONSERVATOR: it is used to provide adequate space for the
expansion of oil when transformer is loaded or when ambient
temprature changes.
3)SILICA GEL BREATHER: it sucks the moisture from the air
which is taken by transformer so that dry air is taken by
4)DOUBLE DIAPHRAGM EXPLOSION VENT: it is used to discharge
excess pressure in the atmosphere when excess pressure is
developed inside the transformer during loading.
5)OIL LEVEL INDICATOR: it is used to show the oil level in
the transformer.
6) Winding temperature indicator: used to show the
temperature of transformer winding.
7) RADIATORS: these are used for cooling of the transformer

The supply voltage is connected to the primary
winding, the load is connected to the secondary winding and
in the transformer core only the magnetic flux path will be
In power transformers(used for transmit the heavy
voltages to the grid) on load tap changers used.. but in
distribution transformers off circuit tap changers are

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