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Master trip relay code no

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Master trip relay code no..

Answer / jithendra


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Master trip relay code no..

Answer / joy


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what is the mechanism of operation of brushless dc motor why is it more wexpensive then ordinary permanent magnet motors

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What is tan delta point of transformer?

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what is the accaptable voltage between neutral to earth & How to reduse the resistance of earth in chemical earthing

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In single phase ac ups supply when current is measured with tong tester neutral current is found more than phase current.What is the reason?

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diff b/w normal grounding and resistance grounding

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Will an earth leakage trip be activated if the component or wiring is faulty on low voltage equipment.Example An electrical Cat Scarer placed in the garden and water gets into the wiring.

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Why phase sequence ryb called colours.

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in gen traf what is ONAN , ONAF , OFAF and DYN

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want to know about DMRC

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Give me check-list for electrical preventive maintenance of machine tool.

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My requirement is 1VA,50/5A Current Transformer for Metering .If I select 15VA , 50/5A CT.Is there any possibility of Technical Problem ?

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In an panel board if the outgoings are power plugs and motor equipments...what should we choose as the incomer of the of the panel board?? MCCB OR ISOLATOR?? Should we use ELCB protection??if so where??

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