If a steel ring is 40 cm square and it's hooks are 8 dia of bar. The steel is 8mm. What is it cut length?

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Answer / ashok sakhare

Cutting length of ring

40*4( four side) = 160Cm
2Hook = 2* 8D* 8mm bar = 12. 8Cm
Leigth of cutting = 160+12.8Cm = 172.8
5 bend* 2d * 8mm = 8cm
Net cutting length
172.8Cm - 8Cm = 164.8Cm

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Answer / sutharmohit10

40 cm into 4 side,total 160 cm
As per IS code hook is 9(d),where d is diameter of bar
so for both hook 2*9(8)=14.4 cm,
so total is 160cm+15 cm=185 cm of cutting length.

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Answer / eakub.molla


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Answer / eakub.molla

4*40+8d (where 8d indicated in the question for hook)

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Answer / eakub.molla


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Answer / farhan siddique

2 time end of bending of bar

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Answer / sutharmohit10

4 side,40*4=160 cm
as per IS CODE band is 9(d),Where d is bar diameter.
For Both Hook 2*9(8)=14.4 cm,means 15 cm
so 160+15=185 cm cutting length

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Answer / sk nishad


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