weight of 1 cft 10mm, 20mm, 40mm aggregate
weight of 1cft course sand

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Plan and schedule for 14 towers of 6 floors each with 6 flats on each floor?

1 Answers   L&T,

foundation details for 25 ton weight Furnace on 2 supports and 2 tilters

0 Answers  

infosys campus ques... u drive a car,nmb of d car is KA17M8719. it leaves at10:26am frm davanager to bangalor which is264km away at a speed of 95km/hrCar reachs bangalor at 4:18pm. nw tel me wat is d date of birth of drvr

9 Answers   Infosys, Ernst Young,

) Design a gussetted base for a column section consisting of one sc 250 with two cover plates 300 x 25 mm carrying an axial load of 2500 KN. The S.B.C. of soil is 250 KN/m2 and the permissible bearing pressure on concrete is 4000 KN.

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For m25 1:1:2 How to get the quantities of cement,sand,agg for 1cu.mt. thnks in advnce

1 Answers   RPP Infra Projects,

how can we calculate costing of a project per sqft/sqm

1 Answers   L&T, AVT, Associate Consultant,

which lime used in white washing

1 Answers  

all technical question

0 Answers   L&T,

how many types of hydraulic coefficints and their values

2 Answers  

what is the difference between onw way slab & two way slab?

4 Answers  

How do you calculate load bearing capacity of a waffle slab?

0 Answers  

which type of materials should be used for framed structure???

9 Answers  

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