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Difference between wbm and gsb in road construction

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Difference between wbm and gsb in road construction..

Answer / surajit dey

Wbm full form is water bound macadam and GSB fullform is granular sub-base.

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Difference between wbm and gsb in road construction..

Answer / vigneshkumar.m

wbm=water bound maccadam road

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Difference between wbm and gsb in road construction..

Answer / vinothkumar

Gsp is the first layer of the road
Wbm is the second layer of the road
Then different from gsp and wbm for gsp is the basement and 40mm aggregate used
Wbm 21 mm metal used

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Difference between wbm and gsb in road construction..

Answer / 9040471784

1st of all we use gsb & compacted properly.
2. It should be the thickness of 250-500.
3 wbm is used after the laid of gsb.then compacted at dry & again compacted after pouring of water on it.
4. Its thickness should be used 200-250.

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