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electromechanical relay type identification
example : type=tjmh
t-stants for

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0 Answers   RRB,

can any one help me out by posting something related to rvnl interview for site engineer electrical.? what is the procedure? what kinda question they ask us? how long the interview goes? and any tips? and any thing you want to share?

0 Answers  

Why squirrel case induction motor bar is skew permanently?

1 Answers   Nesco,

Briefly describe your ideal job?

0 Answers   L&T, LPGCL, ONGC,

What will be the fault current of any system when its generation is 10% of BASE generation( FUll Load )?Will is 10% or the same as full base calculation?

0 Answers  

What is ELR, and where it is used ?

7 Answers   KSEB,

When VFD is connected to a 3 phase main supply there is load current difference between incomer to VFD and outgoing from VFD.

1 Answers   Shasun Chemicals,

We have one 500KVA transformer. We have tested REF relay and commissioned. After one and half year, due to some ground fault in one of the DB circuit Transformer tripped by REF relay. What will be cause and remedy. Please advise?

1 Answers  

working principles of cf lamp,incandescentlamp and f lamp?

0 Answers  

why Copper loss is represented as I square R ?

5 Answers   L&T,

I Need standard operation procedure(SOP)for 500kva Oil type transformer oil filtration & Procedure for IR value checking.

0 Answers   Reliance,

why wave traps are placed only at y and r phase?

3 Answers  

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