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which chromatographic technique is used for softening hard

which chromatographic technique is used for softening hard water?..

Answer / vasavi

ion Exchange chromatography

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If inhouse hplc related substance method is completly diffrent from Usp for finished pro─Ćuct with diffrent impurities then how require to prove method equivalecy?

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why require the ph, buffer during hplc mobile phase?

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Why six unit used for precision?

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how you confirm the assay method?

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In Analytical method development related substance method when did follow w/w method when did follow area normalisation method

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What is the Defination of Tapdensity ?

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viod volume and dead time

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Chromatographic Purity is a Qualitative analysis

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in karl fischer reagent which solvent is used for dissolving iodine sulphur dioxide and imidazole

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What is differences between normality and which cases both are used?

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Why we are using K2Cr2O7 for control of absorbance in UV?

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HOw do i calculate the number of theoretical plate on a HPLC chromatography

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