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pda detector mechanism?

pda detector mechanism?..

Answer / manoj reddy

PDA monitors the absorbance over a wide range of wavelengths, while UV detector monitors the UV absorbance at a selected wavelength. The diode array element measures the intensity of light at each wavelength.

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what is the results if we use ODScolumn instead of BDS column ,(ther parameter is same for column) in assay method ?

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inhouse product is in capsule form in combination and RLD is in tablet form then can we proceed for multimedia CDP? in inhouse capsule product disso is paddle with sinker in release media is there then RLD product in tablet form then with same as paddle with sinker we can proceed n.a.?

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difference between calibration and validation

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i set electrode to 7 buffer than i used it to check 4 buffer and 10 buffer if the results are not as expected than is it better to set the buffer again to 4 buffer or is there any other method available please let me know ...

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Is sonication essential in solubility testing of a drug substance?

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we calibrate HPLC once in 6 months while iam doing calibration i came to know that calibration was failed. then how can i justify that the samples analyzed on the system during this 6 months was wright? how can i forward in to the next step for those batches?

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Why only Copper standard is used to calibrate Atomic Absorption spectrophotometer?

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what is the definition of limit of stray light in UV calibration

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How can we detect a compound in hplc which does not have any chromofore?

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What is difference between Primary and secodary reference standard?

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Why we inject a standard 6 times for Related substances by HPLC and 5 times for Assay?

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if rsd failed then what require to do?

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