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What is GDR?

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What is GDR?..

Answer / jassi

global depositary receipt.

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What is GDR?..

Answer / chandrasekhar hota

Global Depository Receipt means any instrument in the form
of a depository receipt or certificate created by the
overseas depository bank outside India and issued to non-
resident investors against the issue of ordinary shares or
Foreign Currency Convertible Bonds of issuing company.

Among the Indian Companies, Reliance Industries Ltd. was
the first company to raise funds through a GDR issue.

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What is GDR?..

Answer / suresh babu

Global Depository Receipt

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What is GDR?..

Answer / arvind sharma (usms)

Global Depository Receipts is a certificate issued by
investment banker to general public against the issue of
shares of some foreign country .
If any company wants to issue GDR to raise funds from
foreign; Firstly it has to contact with the merchant
banker of home country & also have to make approval from
RBI, then it contacts with the investment banker of foreign
company, then investment banker will purchase the shares
from the merchant banker & then issue it to public through
green shoe option. When we not do not want money from the
foreign then we buy shares from foreign public & shares
came back to India.
Reliance Industries Ltd. was the first company to raise
funds through a GDR issue.

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What is GDR?..

Answer / wofo

Global Depositary Receipt.

A certificate issued by the banks in some country for shares
of a foreign company. The shares are held by the branch of
an international bank in that country. And the shares trade
as domestic shares but are offered for sale globally through
the various bank branches.

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What is GDR?..

Answer / richa

Global Depository Receipt (GDR) - certificate issued by
international bank, which can be subject of worldwide
circulation on capital markets. GDR's are emitted by banks,
which purchase shares of foreign companies and deposit it
on the accounts. Global Depository Receipt facilitates
trade of shares, especially those from emerging markets.
Prices of GDR's are often close to values of realted shares

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What is GDR?..

Answer / sanjit


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What is GDR?..

Answer / vidhi


we learnt this in class 11!

Modern organisations including MNCs depend up on sizeable
borrowings in rupees as well as in foreign
currency .Prominent financial instruments used for this
purpose are GDR,ADR,FCCB.

Q.What is GDR?

The local currency shares of a company are delivered to the
depository bank.The depository bank issues depository
recepits against these shares.such deposiory receipts
denominated in US dollars are known as GDR's.
In the indian context, A GDR is an instrument issued abroad
by an indian company to raise funds in some foreign
currency and is listed and traded on a foreign stock
exchange .
A holder of GDR can at anytime convert it in to the no. of
shares it represents.
A holder of GDR does not carry any voting rights but only
dividends and capital appreciation.

Many Indian companies such as Infosys,RELIANCE,WIPRO AND
ICICI have raised money through the issue of GDR's!!

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What is GDR?..

Answer / anil kumar

Global Depositary Receipt - GDR

What Does Global Depositary Receipt - GDR Mean?
1. A bank certificate issued in more than one country for
shares in a foreign company. The shares are held by a
foreign branch of an international bank. The shares trade
as domestic shares, but are offered for sale globally
through the various bank branches.

2. A financial instrument used by private markets to raise
capital denominated in either U.S. dollars or euros.

Investopedia explains Global Depositary Receipt - GDR in
plain english...
1. A GDR is very similar to an American Depositary Receipt.

2. These instruments are called EDRs when private markets
are attempting to obtain euros.

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What is GDR?..

Answer / bloody idiot

GDR (Global Depository Receipt)
/ADR (American Depository Receipt)

GDR/ADR are the depository receipts - Certificate issued by
Banks (in case of ADR Federal Reserve)

GDR is exclusively issued in European market / sans US

In US exclusively ADR is issued.

Now for the concept, When a Co. wants to trade its
shares/equity on Foreign Exchange it can do so my issuing
ADR/GDR which are issued by Central Bank.

e.g. If a Indian Co. wants to get itself listed on NYSE,
then a broker in US via its subsidiary/hand in India
purchases the shares from Indian Market and deposits the
same with Indian Depository Bank. The depository Bank in
turn communicates to US Federal Reserve that the shares are
deposited and upon this the Federal Reserve issues ADR
which gets listed and are tradable just as any other
security on NYSE. Every ADR/GDR must shown the no. of
shares represented by it and also its rate in $ (ADR) /
pounds (GDR).

The only diff. between ADR and GDR is that ADR is
exclusively traded in American Markets and GDR can be
traded Globally.

I hope this explained the situation in a simplified manner.

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